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This Month's Feature Article

“Kindle and the World of Self-Publishing”

by Rob Hillman

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Celebrating Autism!

One of my grandsons has ASD. My daughter has penned this moving, heartbreaking yet amazingly joyous account of what it’s like living with a young boy with this condition.

Mervyn Love, Editor


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Compiled by
Christopher Fielden
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Amazon is the best marketplace in the world and it offers authors, new and renowned, with numerous opportunities in terms of readership growth and sales.

You should know though that although publishing on the Kindle platform is readily accessible, it does come with its fair share of obstacles, especially those concerning formatting and design.

There are several concerns that should be addressed if you intend to self-publish your work via Amazon:

1. Cover Design

One of the most important elements in self-publishing is having an excellent design with a great manuscript. Although free templates are accessible online, nothing beats having a professionally developed page created precisely for your book. First impressions count and the cover is what will attract readers to even consider reading your book.

The graphics is not the only thing you need to think about here. Image sizing also matters. For the preview version, your cover needs to fit within a 160px by 250px measure. For the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" display, you need to have the cover available at a 60px by 90px size. You'll need a 1563px by 2500px image for the actual e-book copy with a 1.6 height:width ratio.

2. KDP and KDP Select

There are different settings that you can choose from when publishing an e-book for Kindle. One of these is deciding whether to choose KDP or KDP Select. KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing.

Either option will allow you to publish your manuscript and reach millions of Kindle readers around the world. You also enjoy 70% royalties on sales regardless of which option you choose, provided your book is priced between $2.99 and $9.99.

What makes KDP Select the more premium option is its 100% exclusivity clause. When you decide to publish your e-book via KDP Select, your e-book cannot be sold anywhere else but on the Amazon platform.

If you are new to the whole self-publishing concept, this is actually a wise option to consider especially since it will be more advantageous to make your book available from a single source. This is how you can maximize exposure and sales online.

You also gain access to a Countdown Deal with this option. It enables you to offer your book for free or at a discount for 5 and 7 days respectively. If you are initially launching your manuscript, this is an excellent option to have.

Standard KDP also allows you to run promotions but you will only get 35% in royalties if your book's price falls below $2.99. With KDP Select, the 70% rate is fixed.

3. Manuscript Mobi Conversion

The platform allows manuscripts to be uploaded using various text formats (.txt, HTML,.doc, RTF, PDF, ePub) but the best option for Kindle authors is to convert their files to Mobi.

Mobi is the format specifically utilized by Kindle. The conversion time can be somewhat lengthy but it will be well worth it. Also, undergoing the process once means that you'll save time during the conversion for future manuscripts.


Rob Hillman is a best selling Kindle author and online Business enthusiast. To find out more about publishing and making money online, visit: http://www.easykindleriches.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Rob_Hillman/315124



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