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Where your Editor lays bare his soul. Have hankies at the ready… Go Here…


Essential reading for people who are bored out of their skin… Go Here…

The offices of WritersReign were recently inundated with a letter. The author, one Agatha Pringlebaum, said: "Now look here, this website of yours can't possibly be run by a single person, especially one of the male variety. I want to know who really holds the reins at WritersReign!" (Nice one Agatha.)

Somewhat chastened, I felt it only right to come clean and give the other members of the WR team their moment in the spotlight. I just hope it doesn't go to their heads.

Phyllis (Secretary)

Phyllis, whose age is a closely guarded secret, has been with WritersReign since its inception and is almost as committed to it as she is to her American Shorthair moggie called Washington. (Washy for short.)

Likes romantic fiction (plus Harry Potter, apparently), old films (romantic), Straus family music (romantic), and visiting stately homes. Especially if they're romantic.

It is true to say that Phyllis keeps everything together. She is our rock. She is also our censor when it comes to the copy appearing on the pages of WritersReign. If anything appears which she considers in bad taste or offensive, she is down on us like a ton of bricks before you can say 'bum'.

(What? Oh, yes, sorry Phyllis, I'll take that out at once.)

Jeannie (proof reader)

Jeannie is 24 and came to us from Who’s Whom when that publication folded after failing to compete with another directory of a similar name. In the unlikely event that any errors in the text on WritersReign website are found these should be notified to Jeannie. Preferably not on a Monday when the rigours of the weekend are still taking their toll.

Likes: Boy band One Diversion, Mary Berry, small items of confectionery with lots of cream on, knitting very long scarves and other items of apparel with 'ONE D' on them.

© Phill Burrows | Dreamstime.comBernard (researcher)

Bernard previously worked for FINDIT (Fawcett Institute for News, Data and Interesting Titbits).

Likes: Classic cars and motorbikes, fine wine and Dorchester. Why Dorchester is something of a mystery, but it has been noted that a dreamy look comes over him whenever the town is mentioned. One can only wonder. He is a pipe smoker, although not in the office. His favourite spot is outside at the front in the wheelie bin area where he leans on the railings and gets his lungs full of Old Gregorian Ready Rubbed. A knot of friends and acquaintances often congregate there whilst he regales them with anecdotes from an apparently inexhaustible supply.

Darren (gopher)© Janista | Dreamstime.com

Darren is 19 and on work placement with us. He is very willing but has to have things explained to him carefully after which he gets the job done. Mostly.

Likes: Rock bands, loud music of any description, Xbox, going dahn the pub and needlepoint. He asked me not to put that last item in but I think it just shows what a well-rounded character he really is.

Hopefully the above will assuage Ms Pringlebaum’s ire and allow me to get on with managing this site in peace. M.L.

An Introduction to  WritersReign Staff

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