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A Freelancer's Guide to Bookkeeping by Paul at The Financial Management Centre. This handy guide can help freelancers organise their bookkeeping duties for maximum efficiency.

Accounts and Legal are an innovative full-service accounting firm based in London, specialising in small businesses, including freelancers, contractors and sole traders. Creatives of all kinds appreciate their flexibility and approachability. They tailor packages and prices to each individual client, offering everything from bookkeeping to VAT returns and financial forecasting. An accountant's true value lies in their advisory capabilities, and Accounts and Legal can not only save you time and money, but help you plan ahead.
Andrea has written her first novel and now has her own web site, which, she says, “is aimed at writers (as well as my own readers) and includes advice on how to secure a novel deal, interviews with best selling authors, a writing tips newsletter, a tongue-in-cheek guide to understanding literary agents plus much more.”

BBC - WritersRoom
Visit The Writers Room at the BBC website for much useful information on writing for TV, Radio and Film. Download Word templates to help you set out your scripts correctly. The usual BBC quality. They say: "BBC WritersRoom is always on the lookout for fresh, new, talented writers for a changing britain . when we find them, we do everything we can to get their voice heard."

Book Review Service
What's the hardest part of being an author? Getting people to READ your book. KindleBookReview matches your book to reviewers who will read and review your book on Amazon. Learn more at

They say: "Book Trust provides books for kids from low-income families—books that they choose themselves and that become their very own. Studies prove that book choice and ownership inspires a child’s passion for reading and contributes to developing strong literacy skills and becoming life-long learners."

Build a Website in 30 minutes!
Robert Mening asks: "Are you looking for a quick, dummy-proof way to make your first website? Great, you are on the right direction. Building a website from scratch can be a hectic challenge. I've been building websites since 2004 and during that time, I've learned a TON of different things. Luckily, if you go through my guide, your site should be up and running within less than 30 minutes. And oh, if you get stuck, use my support page. I answer to every single email that I receive."

Children's Literature Web Guide
This site describes itself as: ‘an attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults. Much of the information that you can find through these pages is provided by others: fans, schools, libraries, and commercial enterprises involved in the book world’.

Contact an Author - helps you find the author you need.
This site helps you find authors available for talks, workshops, school visits, interviews, after-dinner speaking, world book day events and commissions. you can search for authors by name or by your requirements and locate local authors. database includes fiction and non-fiction writers, novelists, children's authors, biographers and poets. - a Mine of Useless Information!
Here's a great site for a wealth of amusing and 'useless' information. Here's what they say about themselves: " is an excellent, intelligent way to waste time on the internet: discover unusual facts, learn some new things, wake up your brain cells and have some fun. We've been wasting time on the internet since before there was an internet!"

Creative Print Publishing
Creative Print Publishing Ltd offer eBook conversion services and cover design services. This is what they say:
"If you wish to expand your sales market into the ebook arena then you need a quality conversion service that replicates your hard work into an ebook version.
"After many hours spent bringing together your final manuscript only to be let down with a plain flat un-interesting cover, then you are looking for High quality Book Cover Design with affordable prices and quick turn-around service to meet your deadlines.
"Take a look at our large selection of stunning original cover designs."
For their ebook conversion service follow the link:

Directory of Writers' Circles, courses and workshops
An interesting site which is well worth a visit. They also produce a Directory of Writers’ Circles in the UK. They have links to workshops, courses, writing holidays, festivals and a whole lot more.

Doxdirect offers self publishers a complete desktop-to-door online printing and binding service, for hardback and paperback books with no minimum order quantity. We produce beautiful, professional publications for writers of fiction and non-fiction, as well as for photographers, graphic novelists, students and people who simply want to create something special for a loved one. Our easy to use Cover Design Tool lets you put the final touches to your work too. Upload, configure, check out, and we'll do the rest! All you need to do now is finish that book...

Doxzoo Professional document printing services from Doxzoo - from loose sheets & wire-bound documents to books, brochures, dissertations & more.
24/7 printing - order at a time that suits you - UK wide next day delivery - Print from just £0.03 per sheet - Print PDFs & Microsoft documents - Customise covers & add tabs before you order - Optional registration - Secure payment via WorldPay or PayPal - 100% quality guarantee. is a site that will appeal to the younger writer. There's a forum where you can post your work and get and give comments, plus articles, Shoutbox, meet friends, and such. Signup is free.

Everyone Who's Anyone in adult trade publishing,
A website listing hundreds of top literary agents, editors and publishers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. It’s an excellent resource, and best of all, it’s free! There’s also a quirky twist to these listings, take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Fetchbook - New & Used Books - find the lowest price
FetchBook.Info is completely independent, and does not contain any promotional material or ads. Every book price comparison is done in real time and scans 103 book stores. Using this service, you can find any book you want, see information about it and compare its total cost, including the shipping costs to your destination, to find the deal that's best for you. The results link you directly to the book page at the book store site, where you can easily order the book. In addition, you can find selected book reviews sites on the book resources page.

Fiction Feedback is an editorial consultancy established in 2008. Since then, they have seen many of their authors get published. All their editors are, I understand, experienced and professional, working within publishing, and a number are themselves publishers or literary agents. Regarding critiques, they offer customers up to four individual critiques for their work, on a sliding scale so they don't, for example, pay twice as much for two critiques as for one. Fiction Feedback offer critiques for short stories as well as novels and novel extracts, and also for narrative non-fiction. They provide structural editing and copy-editing, to exceptionally high standards. They also offer advice to those intent on self-publishing and will provide contacts, whenever possible, to those seeking a traditional contract.

Find The Best Blogging Platform - StartABlog123 has put together a comparison chart to discuss the pros and cons of specific blogging platforms, including, Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace. Whether you are blogging as a hobby or potential business, the platform you choose can affect your blog's functionality, flexibility, and even limit your ownership rights. This resource shares writing techniques and grammar lessons through its informative blog and colourful infographics. The site also comes with a free online editor that is recommended to writers, teachers, and professionals.
Join a thriving creative writing community and release the writer in you.
Great Writing is a free creative writing support forum where the aspiring authors, poets and bards come to read and review each other's work. Join for free!
Since 2005, the Great Writing creative writing community has been the home of thousands of aspiring and successful writers. The idea behind Great Writing is simple; sign up, submit a piece of creative writing, and allow others to offer advice and constructive criticism. This is supported by a general discussion area where you can promote your work, ask questions about all aspects of writing and publishing, or just chew the fat with friends.

Harris Central
This site is for the use of everyone and anyone who has an interest in writing short fiction. It offers teaching material, resources, questionnaires and interviews with leading writers, without membership fees or financial charges of any kind.

Hilary Johnson Authors' Advisory Service
This is a "proven reading/criticism service for novelists, writers of short stories and children's books. also authors of full-length non-fiction. specialist advice available for science fiction/fantasy, radio/tv/film scripts and poetry."

How to Build a Website  This is a complete step-by-step guide to building a website by yourself - no coding needed. Despite not knowing how to code, Ray Tan has learnt how to put together a website, and was inspired to put together this detailed guide which you can use to set up your first website. The best part - it only takes 5 minutes to get started! - publishing, self-publishing, ideas & inspiration
Great ideas to make you a better writer. Hundreds of ideas to inspire and improve your writing. 100 new ideas every month, plus what ifs, anniversaries, writing engines, discussion forums, writers' bookshop, computer & word processor help and much more.

Infinity Junction - publish and sell your book, novel, etc. This web site is...different. From the zany online saga “Nesstown Zoo” to their eclectic list of published and self-published books. Specialising in publishing thought-provoking work which may not interest the big guys, their guiding principle is ‘interesting reading’. They also offer a set of services for POD (Print on Demand) and self publishers.

Inter-Read - writers, readers, short stories and books world-wide
Inter-Read is described as a not-for-profit writers’ showcase. Submit your short story, poetry or even extracts from your full-length books. Practically every genre you can think of is represented.

IPR License - IPR License has launched the first ever digital and global licensing marketplace to enable authors to register copyright and license their own book rights worldwide.
The IPR License website ( provides a centralised point for authors to register copyright to ensure secure third-party records exist in case of any dispute. In addition it enables industry professionals to quickly and simply trace relevant copyright holders to negotiate permissions for quotations.
Another unique feature of the website is that registered members, whether published, unpublished or self-published, can utilise the IPR License marketplace to help monetise their work via securing a publishing deal (if not traditionally published already) or through translations, audio conversions and film rights, amongst others.
Initial membership is £99 (+VAT) which includes the ability to upload/register up to five full-length manuscripts (novel, non-fiction or finished collection of poetry/stories).

Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau
Lots of info on writers’ markets, writing competitions. Also provide a critique and editorial service. They say "become a published writer: getting published, writing courses, competitions, critique, editorial and advisory services for writers in all genres."

Just A Contest
Whilst WritersReign offers competitions primarily from the UK, Just a Contest casts a world-wide net opening a door to writing and poetry contests from around the globe. So if you feel the need to stretch your competitive writing wings a little and test the waters in foreign climes, this site could be the answer.

Literary Consultancy: scouts for leading literary agents
These folk aim to give “First class, market informed, editorial advice to writers at any level of English”. They will provide “assessment of fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, scripts and poetry at all stages of development”. Which just about covers it!

London Writers' Cafe
London Writers’ Café is a community group for writers for creative writers to share, read and discuss their writing projects for constructive feedback. The aim of LWC is to provide regular meetings where writers can join in and connect with others for support, advice and motivation!
The group began in 2006, by just a few writers who wanted to regularly get together to share their work for feedback and honest critiques. Today, LWC is a thriving community of more than 1,300 writers, with regular group meetings in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

MsLexia - the magazine for women who write
Now, being a bloke I feel a little out of my depth here, not to say even slightly intimidated by all the girl power bursting from this site. So best let them speak for themselves: “Mslexia tells you all you need to know about exploring your creativity and getting into print.
No other magazine provides Mslexia's unique mix of debate and analysis, advice and inspiration; news, reviews, interviews; competitions, events, courses, grants. All served up with a challenging selection of new poetry and prose. Mslexia is read by top authors and absolute beginners. A quarterly masterclass in the business and psychology of writing, it's the essential magazine for women who write.”
See what I mean, chaps? OK, who’s for a pint and a pasty?

National Association of Writers in Education
NAWE is the one organization supporting the development of creative writing of all genres and in all educational and community settings throughout the UK. NAWE aims to put creativity at the heart of education. We believe that everyone should have contact with practising artists, and especially writers. NAWE's mission is to further knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of Creative Writing and to support good practice in its teaching and learning at all levels.

New Generation Publishing is a UK based market-leading self publishing company, providing writers with all they need to publish a book. With the rapid growth of options available to writers looking to get published, New Generation Publishing provides everything a writer would receive from self-publishers and traditional publishers, and more. They claim to be the first self publishing company to offer a bookseller service, the first to offer the prize of traditional publishing contracts to three authors a year and the first to provide access to digital and e-lending sales.
All about crime novelist Nick Fletcher, including snippets from his stories. There’s an excellent page on tips for getting published. It’s worth a visit just for those - and who knows, you could have a web site like his one day!

Office Friend Typing Services - Bringing your creations to life. Unlike most resource links which concentrate on marketing and publishing of a product, Office Friend is dedicated to the most important stage of your literary journey - the typing and formatting of your creation.  Providing a quality typing service at reasonable rates to fiction and non-fiction writers, playwrights and poets, Office Friend works to present your literature in its very best light.  The same level of care is applied whether preparing the piece for submission to the publisher or just for the satisfaction of the author themselves. For more details go here

On Blast Blog is the ultimate resource for new and advanced bloggers. Here you'll find in-depth how-to guides, snazzy infographics, epic listicles (including a list of 150+ blog post ideas), and much more! All of it is delivered to your computer, phone, or tablet with popping visuals, awesome design, and just the right amount of humor. So, whether you're thinking about starting a blog, you already have one, or you just want to know what this stuff is all about, find out more at On Blast Blog!"

PaperStarter - Resources for the Essay Writer
They say "From choosing a topic to organizing a paper, writing an essay can be tricky. In addition, you have to check for spelling errors, make sure you haven’t plagiarized, and cite any sources you may have used. With all this in mind, it may be time to call in some extra help. While you should not go as far as hiring someone to write the essay for you, it is okay to get a little help and the web offers a wealth of resources to help you write a stellar essay. On the PaperStarter site you will find resources to help you every step of the way, from choosing a topic to checking your paper for plagiarism and errors."
(This resource recommended by the students of the Teen Chapter of the Midwest Writing Club, USA.)

Paragraph Planet
An intriguing little site this which encourages writers to craft stories in 75 words. Can't be done? Don't you believe it - just take a look and be amazed!

Proofreading - Words Worth Reading Ltd offer a comprehensive summary report that looks at areas such as the use of language, diction, characterisation, storyline spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Self Publishing Magazine, The
Self-Publishing Magazine re-launched exclusively online on Monday 11th April 2016. This free online resource continues where the print magazine left off in December. Previously published quarterly in print, Self-Publishing Magazine is being re-launched in digital format, giving readers fresh, relevant content on a regular basis.

The magazine carries features and comment on all aspects of self-publishing, from production to digital, marketing to distribution, and it already has a huge archive of relevant information published in the print magazine over the last ten years. Regular contributors from the world of self-publishing will examine issues facing authors, and features will look at the nuts and bolts of self-publishing.  

Short Story Radio
This is a site states "Our aims are to promote the short story genre and writer, and to offer contemporary and classic short stories to an international audience, free of charge." You can enter their competition, you can listen to stories read by professional readers, or read their online magazine. Take a look.

Short Story, The website claims to be one of the world's fastest growing online platforms for the short story. The website is aimed at writers, readers, and critics; it hosts writing competitions, book reviews, writing tips, boasts a vast archive of free short stories, dozens of interviews with published authors, and even a short story quotations page. In the future, the site will be expanding to include podcasts, videos, and more.

SlushPile Hell
One grumpy literary agent, a sea of query fails, and other publishing nonsense.
Need cheering up? This site will brighten your day. Full of hilarious query letter quotes from would be authors who should know better. is a website dedicated to getting people blogging. Created by Mike Wallagher, who tells me about "a tutorial I recently launched called 'How to start a blog.' My main goal was to make the information free, simple and straightforward." Many writers have found that a blog is a great way to showcase their work, of whatever genre, and with Mike's tutorial you can be up and running in no time. He also offers free advice if you get stuck.

Stephanie J Hale publishes a free newsletter called 'Rich Writer, Poor Writer'. She is a writing coach and independent publishers’ scout and, she says, has worked with best-selling authors and leading publishers for the past 20 years. Check out and sign up at: is a website dedicated to the planning of writing projects from novels and short stories to screenplays. It offers plans for story structure, character outlines, synopsis and more. It offers tried and tested writing systems like Save the Cat!©, the Snowflake Method, the Hero's Journey and the site's own 'Novel Launcher' system to develop a book from idea to plot outline.

Sylvia Kent - freelance writer and journalist
Here is an excellent example of a writers' blog. My friend Sylvia Kent is a freelance journalist and has put some of her work onto a blog which has resulted in some great publicity, good contacts and several commissions. Take encouragement from this and think seriously about creating your own blog to showcase your work.

Troubador, "the respected self-publishing arm of Troubador" are upping the ante in the Self-Publishing stakes. Just to show they mean business Matador have gone out and hired a sales representation company to sell their books, by self-publishing authors, to the county's bookshops. At last here is an indication that authors who want to self-publish are being taken more seriously. And about time too.

Ultimate Guide to Building a CV, The. Written by Richard McMunn this online guide is set out in stages guiding you through the process of creating a telling and effective Curriculum Vitae. Whether you are contacting a publisher or agen with a view to betting published, or applying for a job in any part of the publishing industry, or indeed any industry, this site is an excellent guide to doing a proper job. Each section has a brief video where Richard explains the major points of that section.

Veritasse - Christian artists
If you're a Christian writer, poet, actor, choreographer, artist, musician, in fact anything to do with the artistic expression of your faith then you must visit this site.

Publishers and editors are always bemoaning the quality of submissions they receive. Poor grammar, spelling and typing errors - you name it. Whoosh Editing is one of a number of companies that offer to do all the editing for you:
"Whether you are a writer sweating over your masterpiece, a business striving for the perfect copy or a student with a deadline closing in fast, we're here to help. At Whoosh Editing we specialize in proofreading, to provide you with accurate, error-free copy, and copyediting, to boost the quality and impact of your writing."

Write Street Writers' Resources
This site contains what some great writing resources. E-books, software and an excellent free newsletter. It's updated every single day, so be sure to visit often!

Writing Short Fiction is a new free site which contains advice, interactive questionnaires and short fiction resources lists to people who write short stories or are planning to make the attempt. The editor, Bruce Harris - - is the author of an anthology of 25 award-winning stories. The site aims to give prospective writers the confidence to try, and existing writers more power to their elbow.

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