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This Month's Feature Article

“Overcoming Your Fear Of Writing”

by Sheldon D. Newton

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Celebrating Autism!

One of my grandsons has ASD. My daughter has penned this moving, heartbreaking yet amazingly joyous account of what it’s like living with a young boy with this condition.

Mervyn Love, Editor


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Compiled by
Christopher Fielden
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My experience of writing books began with a book I never published out of fear that it would be rejected by readers. And because of that 'fear of failure' even though I had the book ready to go, I never went ahead and got it done.

Then I began another book, and then another. After beginning several books, I finally felt moved to go ahead and publish and leave it to my readers as to whether or not they would enjoy it. At the time of this article I have written over twenty books, some of which became best-sellers. People constantly affirm that they enjoy the writings and I am blessed to know that.

This reveals that the enemy to defeat if you desire to become an author, inspiring, entertaining and helping others with your knowledge, experience, sense of humor and wisdom, is to overcome your fears.

Well, what are some of these fears? It could be the fear that no one will read what we have to say. This is not a legitimate fear for someone is bound to read your book even if it is just a family member or a friend. While not everyone will read your book, believe me when I say that out of the many millions of people all over the world, you will have readers, especially if you are willing to learn how to market your book when it comes out.

Then again, some are afraid of being laughed at and scorned by people they know. Permit me to say here and now that you will never be able to please everybody. And you are not here to please everybody. You will always have critics whether you know it or not. Perhaps some may laugh at your efforts to express yourself through writings. But then again, some are going to be so touched and so proud of you. Some are going to be inspired to write their books too just because you had the guts to get yours done. And maybe, just maybe,some of the very ones that you fear may laugh at you, will be the very ones who smile and say, "This is amazing and I am proud of you. Let me buy a copy and have you sign it." People love to know that they personally know an author.

You may fear that the book may not be perfect. But again, this fear can be relieved by knowing that there are many editors who can be found online (and maybe even right around you) who can make your book sizzle and stand out. They can eliminate mistakes and spelling errors and even adjust your writings so that the readers can clearly understand what is being said. Help is always available if you need it.

I believe that fear stops so many from doing what they have in their hearts. DO NOT let fear stop you. Regardless of how you feel, write your book. Persevere until you get it done. Keep at it. It will be worth it. You may just have: an answer people are looking for; a story Hollywood desires; a comic teenagers will love; a suspense drama that people cannot put down until they are done; or a self-help book that shows people how to get done what they need to get done, perhaps easier than they ever thought possible.

If it is in your heart to do so, and you know that it will benefit humanity in a positive manner, then go ahead and get it done. We are waiting on your book. Don't keep us waiting forever.

*       *       *       *       *

Sheldon D. Newton is an international speaker and a best-selling author of over twenty books including, Lessons I Learned As An Author; Genna's Fight; Thrown Away; Diligence, The Master Key To Achieving Your Dreams and the best-selling, How To Pray & Get Results. He travels continually sharing with others principles which will enable them to live better lives of peace, wholeness and fulfillment. He pastors Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International located in Nassau, Bahamas. Sheldon lives in Nassau with his wife and two children.

Article Source: EzineArticles.com/expert/Sheldon_D._Newton/


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