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Magazines for Writers

Writing Magazine

Print magazine. Two magazines for the price of one! Or more accurately, two magazines in one magazine. If you see what I mean.

The Writing Magazine part has a Special Features section, plus Interviews and Profiles, sections dedicated to Fiction and Non-fiction. There's a spot for poetry lovers and a section for their own regular Competitions and Exercises.

The Writers' News part has news, markets (both in the UK and around the world), competitions, Help Line page answering your questions and an eclectic collection of snippets. There's a space for Members' News where subscribers contribute their own stories, experiences and advice. Writers' News also mounts its own competitions. writers-online.co.uk/.

Writers' Forum
Print magazine. A good mix of articles and interviews, plus their own competitions. You can order back copies from the website to get a flavour of what's on offer.

This is what they say: "Each month Writers' Forum helps thousands of new and aspiring writers to achieve their dreams. It's packed with up-to-date market information, advice from experts in the publishing industry and inspiring stories and tips from fellow authors and writers.

"We also feature interactive reader workshops in fiction, poetry, children's books and self-publishing, so you can see at first hand how to improve and successfully target your own writing.

"Our monthly writing contests for fiction and poems are world-famous, awarding cash and prizes each issue, plus publication in the magazine." writers-forum.com/

Dream Catcher is an international journal, a small press and a community-based literature organisation. Located in the East Midlands, their events draw audiences from across the region and they are increasingly to be found at festivals across the country as the reputation of the magazine spreads. Take look at Dream Catcher Events for the latest details of what they're up to.

Dream Catcher magazine offers contemporary readers a terrific mix of poetry, prose, artwork and reviews. The contributors span the globe, making Dream Catcher a truly international magazine. Their aim is to make the very best of contemporary writing available to the most discerning of contemporary readers.

Dream Catcher began in York in 1996, where Canadian editor Paul Sutherland then lived. From the outset the emphasis has been on both writer and reader. Dream Catcher’s eclecticism is its strength. The range of literary styles is wide and what began as a magazine for student writers has become a discerning publication keen to attract new work from wherever it might emerge, aimed at readers wherever they might be.


Brittle Star

For almost fifteen years, Brittle Star has been publishing scintillating poems and short stories from new and early-career writers, many of whom have seen their work in print for the first time. We have a growing reputation for being one of the first ports of call for new writers on the path to publishing their debut collections.


Short FICTION is a high-quality print and online journal, which aims to publish some of the finest short stories from around the world.

Many of their authors are long celebrated, others are their own discoveries. They say they take special care to prepare each writer’s work with bespoke front-illustration and within its own chapbook of space. They aim to "foster an interdisciplinary dialogue between literature and the visual arts, exploring the potential for collaborative artistic practice. In short, we believe the literary journal should be a thing of beauty".


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Self-Publishing Magazine re-launches exclusively online on Monday 11th April 2016. This free online resource continues where the print magazine left off in December. Previously published quarterly in print, Self-Publishing Magazine is being relaunched in digital format, giving readers fresh, relevant content on a regular basis.

The magazine carries features and comment on all aspects of self-publishing, from production to digital, marketing to distribution, and it already has a huge archive of relevant information published in the print magazine over the last ten years. Regular contributors from the world of self-publishing will examine issues facing authors, and features will look at the nuts and bolts of self-publishing.


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Writers' Digest

US based publication. Six issues per year and an excellent website to boot. Subscriptions outside the US cost around £20.00 at the time of writing. Free sample
copy available.

Take control of your writing career, hone your craft and fuel your creative fire at Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, brought to you by the editors of the industry’s most trusted source for writing advice and insight for more than 90 years—Writer’s Digest.

With more than 50 Agents and Editors participating in the Pitch Slam and dozens of insightful Sessions led by industry experts and successful writers, Writer’s Digest Annual Conference is an unprecedented opportunity to advance your career and improve your practice.