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Poetry Competitions

Want to have your Poetry Competitions listed on these pages?

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The Ruskin Poetry Prize
Closing date: 26th April 2017.
Prizes: £200 for winner, £100 for each of two runners up. The three winners published in POEM magazine.
Entry fee: £5, £3 each additional entry.
Info: Open competition for poems up to 40 lines
Website: writ.rs/ruskinpoetryprize2017

Red Shed Open Poetry Competition
Closing date: 29th April 2017.
Prizes: £100, £50, £25 Wakefield postcode prize.
Entry fee: £3, £2 each subsequent.
Looking for: Poems up to 50 lines.
Website: www.currockpress.com

Southport Writers' Circle Annual International Poetry Competition 2017
Closing date: 30th April 2017.
Prizes: First Prize: £150, Second Prize: £75, Third Prize: £25 (In addition: £25 Humour Prize).
Entry fee: £3 per poem or four poems for £10.
Chief Judge: Carole Baldock. Carole is Editor of Orbis, a renowned international literary journal of over 40 years' standing, which now incorporates her other magazine: Kudos ('for people who prize writing').
Looking for: Poems to maximum of 40 lines per poem.
For full details on how to enter see website: www.swconline.co.uk

Divine Chocolate Poetry Competition
Closing date: 30th April 2017.
Prizes: Divine chocolate, goodies, book tokens.
Free entry.
Looking for: poems on the theme 'sharing tastes divine', 7-11,12-16 and 17+
Email: poetry@divinechocolate.com
Website: www.divinechocolate.com/uk/poetry

Poetry on the Lake International
Closing date: 30th April 2017.
Three categories: Silver Wyvern, poems on the theme of 'metal' (up to 40 lines), formal verse (up to 40 lines), short poems (up to 9 lines).
Prizes: Silver Wyvern and €500, €200, 2 x €100, formal and short each €100.
Entry fee: £8 and £ 1 0, £6 and £8 postal.
Email: poetryonthelake@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.poetryonthelake.org

Ware Poets Open Poetry Competition
Closing date: 30th April 2017.
Prizes: £600, £300, £150, £150 sonnet prize.
Entry fee: £4, £12 for four, £3 thereafter.
Looking for: Poems up to 50 lines.
Website: www.poetrypf.co.uk/comps/ware17.pdf

Overton Poetry Prize
Closing date: 30th April 2017.
Prizes: Chapbook publication, 2 x £50.
Entry fee: £10.
Looking for: A sequence of poems up to 300 lines on the subject of the poet's choice.
Website: www.lboro.ac.uk/store/overton

Ver Poets Open Poetry Competition
Closing date: 30th April 2017.
Prizes: £600, £300, £100, publication in The Ver Prize anthology and on website.
Entry fee: £4, £10 for three, £2 each extra.
Looking for: For poetry, up to 30 lines; open theme/form.
Email: gillknibbs@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.verpoets.org.uk

Grey Hen Poetry Competition
Closing date: 30th April 2017.
Prizes: £100, £50, £25, website publication.
Entry fee: £4, £10 for three.
Looking for: For poems, up to 40 lines, by women 60+ .
Email: info@greyhenpress.com
Website: www.greyhenpress.com

Win Your Way to Swanwick 2017
Closing date: 30th April 2017.
Prizes: 1st - A fully inclusive week at the 2017 Summer School for the winner in each category; 2nd - Writing Magazine manuscript appraisal; 3rd -  a copy of the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2017.
Entry fee: £5 for each piece of work entered.
Theme for all entries this year is 'Escape'.
The categories are: A poem up to 40 lines; A short story up to 1,000 words and Children's fiction up to 1,000 words.
Further info: Swanwick Summer School, which runs from 12-18 August, is a week-long programme for writers of all ages, abilities and genres. It offers a full programme of courses, workshops, speakers, panels and optional one to one sessions.
Further information on website: swanwickwritersschool.org.uk/win-a-place.html

Poetry London 2017 Competition
Closing date: 2nd May 2017.
Prizes: £1,000, £500, £200, 4 x £75.
Entry fee: £7, £3 subscribers.
Looking for: Poetry up to 80 lines.
Website: http://poetrylondon.co.uk/competition/

Printerinks Poetry Competition
Closing date: 5th May 2017.
Prizes: Amazon voucher worth £100. All runners up will receive a discount voucher to use on the Printerinks website.
Entry fee: Free.
Looking for: Anything based on 'New Beginnings’ is acceptable, it can be written in any style, in no more than 45 lines and must be original. Up to 45 lines.
For full details see website: www.printerinks.com/poetry-competition.html

Templar Poetry Pamphlet and Collection Awards
Closing date: 15th May 2017.
Prizes: Publication by Templar Poetry.
Entry fee: £20.
Looking for: Full-length poetry pamphlets (18-24 pages).
Email: info@templarpoetry.co.uk
Website: http://templarpoetry.com

The Sussex Chanctonbury Cup 2017 Poetry Competition
Organised by the Slipstream Poets.
Closing date: 15th May 2017.
Prizes: £150 (1st), £100 (2nd), £50 (3rd). The author of the 1st prize poem will also be awarded The Jim Johnston Chanctonbury Cup.
Entry fees: £5 first poem, £3 each additional poem.
Looking for: unpublished poems up to 50 lines.
Adjudicator: Janet Sutherland.
Further info: All entrants must be living, studying or currently working in E.Sussex, W.Sussex or Brighton.
Details and entry forms: www.slipstream-poets.co.uk

South Downs Poetry Festival
Closing date: Friday 19th May 2017.
Prizes: £400(1st), £150(2nd), £50 (3rd). Also: Best poem by an unpublished poet: £100. Best poem by a poet under the age of 20: £100.
Entry fees: £4 per poem (£4.50 if online).
Looking for: unpublished poems up to 50 lines.
Judge: Jackie Wills.
Further information: www.sdpf.org.uk/

Wigtown Poetry Competition
Closing date: 26th May 2017.
Prizes: £1,500, £400, Gaelic Prize £250, Scots Prize £250, 8x£25 runners-up.
Entry fees: 1 poem £6.50; 2 poems £13; 3 poems £17; 4 poems £22; 5 poems £27. For further poems see website.
Looking for: poems, up to 40 lines in English, Scots or Scots/Irish Gaelic.
Further info: All entrants must be 16 years of age or over.
Email: mail@wigtownbookfestival.com
Website: wigtownbookfestival.com/PoetryCompetition2017

Wigtown Poetry Competition
Closing date: 27th May 2017.
Prizes: £1,500, £400, Gaelic Prize £250, Scots Prize £250, 8 £25 runners-up.
Entry fee: £6.50, £17 for three, £5 after that.
Looking for: For poems, up to 40 lines in English, Scots or Scots!Irish Gaelic.
Email: mail@wigtownbookfestival.com
Website: www.wigtownbookfestival.com!poetrycomp

Templar Poetry Quarterly Portfolio Awards
Closing date: quarterly, 29th May, etc
Prizes: Pamphlet publication.
Entry fee: £12.
Looking for: A portfolio of 10-12 pages of poetry.
Email: submissions@templarpoetry.co.uk
Website: http://templarpoetry.com

Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (May 2017)
Closing date: 31st May 2017.
Prizes:  £200 (first prize), £100 (second prize), £50 (third prize), £20 x (high commendation) and £10 x 3 (commendation).
First publication:  All winning and commended poems will be published in Sentinel Literary Quarterly magazine (online and in print) on 31st July 2017.
Results: will be announced on 15th July 2017.
Entry Fees:  £4/1, £7/2, £9/3, £11/4, £12/5, £16/7, £22/10
Looking for: original, previously unpublished poems in English language, on any subject, in any style, up to 50 lines long.  Poets of all nationalities living in any part of the world are eligible to enter.
Judge: Anthony Watts.
Enter online or download Entry Form for Postal Entry at sentinelquarterly.com/competitions/poetry/index.htm

Wundor Editions Poetry Contest 2017
Closing date: 31st May 2017.
Prize: £500 + strong consideration for print publication.
Entry fee: £10 for six poems or £15 for six poems + a voucher for a Wundor poetry book. See website.
Theme: 'Spring'.
Further info: Looking for entries of up to six poems, with no line limit, that are imaginatively connected to the theme of 'Spring'.
For further details visit website: wundoreditions.com/wundor-editions---contests.html

Fool for Poetry International Chapbook Competition
Closing date: 31st May 2017.
Prizes: €1,000, €500, chapbook publication for both winners plus 50 copies.
Entry fee: €25.
Looking for: Short collection of poetry between 16 and 24 pages.
Email: foolforpoetry@munsterlit.ie
Website: www.munsterlit.ie

Frogmore Poetry Prize
Closing date: 31st May 2017.
Prizes: 250 guineas, 75 guineas, 50 guineas, plus subscriptions to The Frogmore Papers.
Entry fee: £3.
Looking for: poems, any theme/style, up to 40 lines, for the contest's 30th year.
Email: frogmorepress@gmail.com
Website: www.frogmorepress.co.uk

Yeovil Literary Prize
Closing date: 31st May 2017.
Prizes: for novels, £1,000, £250 and £100; for each of poems and short stories, £500, £200 and £100; for writing without restrictions £200, £100 and £50.
Entry fee: £ 11 for novels; £6 for short stories; £6 for one poem, £11 for three; writing without restrictions £5.
Looking for: novels (opening chapters and synopsis, up to 15,000 words), short stories (max 2,000 words, poems (up to 40 lines), and writing without restrictions.
Website: www.yeovilprize.co.uk

Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year Competition
Closing date: 1st June 2017.
Prizes: £200, £1 00, £50, £25 people's choice.
Entry fee: £5.
Looking for: Poems up to 60 lines.
Email: tina@canterburyfestival.co.uk
Website: http://www.canterburyfestival.co.uk

Wirral Festival of Firsts Open Poetry Competition 2017
Closing date: 2nd June 2017.
Prizes: £175, £75, £50, 2X£10, Wirral Prize £30.
Entry fee: £4, £10 for three.
Looking for: Poems up to 40 lines.
Email: festivaloffirsts@gmail.com
Website: http://www.festivaloffirsts.com

Welsh Poetry Competition 2017
Closing date: 18th June 2017.
Prizes: 1st Prize - £500; 2nd Prize - £250; 3rd Prize - £100. Plus 17 runners-up, specially commended entries.
Entry fee: £6 for one, £12 for two, plus further reductions for more.
Further details: Judge – Kathy Miles.
Website: www.welshpoetry.co.uk/entry/

Mslexia Women’s Poetry Competition 2017
Closing date: 19th June 2017.
Prizes: 1st prize: £2,000, Plus two optional extras: a week’s writing retreat at Cove Park, Scotland’s International Artist Residency Centre, and a mentoring session with Amy Wack (Poetry Editor at Seren Books); 2nd prize £400, 3rd prize £200, and 17 other finalists each win £25.
Also: Special prize: £500 for the best poem by a previously-unpublished woman poet.
Entry fee: £7 for up to three poems.
Judge: Sinéad Morrissey.
See website for more: hmslexia.co.uk/products/womens-poetry-competition-2017/

Mslexia Women’s Pamphlet Competition 2017
Closing date: 19th June 2017.
Entry fee: £20 per pamphlet.
Prizes: 1st prize: Publication of the pamphlet by Seren Books in 2017 plus £250, 25 complimentary copies of the pamphlet, and a ten per cent royalty on sales. One or more poems from the pamphlet will be published in Mslexia magazine.
Judge: Amy Wack (Seren Books).
More details on website: mslexia.co.uk/products/womens-pamphlet-competition-2017/

Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year Competition
Closing Date: 19th June 2017.
Prizes: 1st prize £200, 2nd and 3rd prizes of £100 and £50, with prizes for 'People's Choice' and best read poem. Longlisted entries are published in an anthology and shortlisted poets are invited to read at the Adjudication event at the time of National Poetry Day.
Entry fee: £5 per poem.
Looking for: Poems of up to 60 lines on any theme are invited. The Competition attracts entries from all over the world.
Judges: The judges are last year's winner, Jen Syrkiewicz, Nancy Gaffield from the Univeristy of Kent and prize-winning poet Derek Sellen (SaveAs Writers).
For more details and online or postal entry go to: canterburyfestival.co.uk/poet-of-the-year.aspx

The McLellan Poetry Prize 2017
Closing Date: 21st June 2017.
Prizes: 1st £1,000, 2nd £300, 3rd £100 and 6 commendations of £25.
Entry: £5 for first poem, £4 thereafter.
Looking for: a poem in English on any subject, maximum 80 lines.
Judge: Maura Dooley.
Contact: enter on line or by post.
Full details here: www.arrantheatreandarts.org/index.php/poetry-competition

Battered Moons Poetry Competition 2017
Closing date: 30th June 2017.
Prizes: First prize, £700; second, £200; third, £100, plus four commendations of £25 each.
Entry fee: £5 for the first poem and £3.5 thereafter.
Looking for: Poems on any topic and style of up to 40 lines.
Further info: Open to all UK residents aged 18 or over. The 3 winners and 4 commended poets are invited to read their poems at the Poetry Swindon Festival on Saturday 7th October 2017, when Malika Booker -  Guest Judge - will present the prizes and read from her own work.
For further information and to enter online, visit batteredmoons.com

Poetry Book Fair Competition 2017
Closing date: 7th August 2017.
Prizes: 1st Prize: £500 plus a short reading at the fair and your poem displayed to hundreds of visitors on the day; 3 x Runners Up: £50 to spend at fair plus a short reading at the fair and your poem displayed to hundreds of visitors on the day.
Entry fee: £5 one poem, or three poems £10.
Looking for: A short poem (14 lines max.) about 'Hope' or relating to the theme of Hope in some way.
Further details: Special Guest Judge: Daljit Nagra.
See www.bit.ly/PBFcompo2017 for full details and online entry.

Cheshire Prize for Literature
Closing date: 1st September 2017.
Prizes: £2000 for the winner, £750 shared between runners-up.
Entry fee: £0.
Theme: Children's Literature aimed at 7 to 14 year old children Looking for: Stories up to 1500 words or verse no more than 100 lines. Entrants must have lived, worked or studied in Cheshire, Wirral, Warrington or Halton. Entrants must be 18 or over.
Website: www.chester.ac.uk/literatureprize/

The Poetry Kit Spring Competition 2017
Closing date: 10th October 2016.
Prizes: 1st prize is £100. The top ten poems will be published in a special edition of CITN ENTER ONLINE.
Entry fee: 1 poem -  £3.50; 3 Poems - £8.00; 5 poems - £10.
Looking for: poetry on any subject.
Further details: There are no style or length restrictions but it should be stressed that a short poem is just as likely to be selected  as a longer one. All entries are judged anonymously so please do not put any identifying features on the poems.
For further details and to enter online see www.poetrykit.org/comp-spring.htm

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