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Short Story Competitions

Poetry Competitions

   2015 - Open Competition

Main Prize Winners

First - £100

“Blue Belle” by Helen Parker

Judges comment: This is well written and the characterization is excellent. I like the way, in the second half, you explained the points that had made the mother suspicious of the old man.

Second - £50

“My Pal Grandad” by Eileen Roberts

Judges comment: This is very topical with so many war anniversaries so might well sell to a magazine. It is well written with a good ending.

Third - £25

“Exit, Pursued by a Bear” by Tracey Glasspool

Judges comment: An interesting and well researched story. The ending was excellent and left the reader feeling satisfied.

Highly Commended Winners

Highly Commended 1 - £10

“Palmerston Park” by Ann Rhodes

Judges comment: This is an interesting story, very well written with excellent descriptions.

Highly Commended 2 - £10

“Rider at Sunset” by Tom Serengeti

Judges comment: This is well written. You handled the clues leading to the final conclusion well.

Highly Commended 3 - £10

“Beating Michael Jacobson” by Elizabeth Ducie

Judges comment: This is a simple story very well told. It may be suitable for a magazine. The end was well thought out and satisfying.

Highly Commended 4 - £10

“Luck” by Jacqui Cooper

Judges comment: This is a well thought out story leading to a good, and very satisfactory ending.

WR Short Story Competition 2015 Winners

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The following stories were Short Listed but didn’t quite make it to a prize.

Congratulations to the authors none-the-less.

“Pound for Pound” by Christine Sutton

“The Sugar Daddy” by Charles Knightley

“The Tailgater” by Robin Bailes

”Jellyfish” by Helen Parker

“The Verdict” by Keith Gillison

“Too” by Radovana Jagrikova

“Seeking Serenity” by Claire Buckle

“Oh Lucky Man” by John Bunting

“Lift Off” by Dianne Bown-Wilson

“Mackintosh Man’s Near Miss” by Tony Oswick

“This Time” by Ian Larkin