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Short Story Competitions

Poetry Competitions

WR Short Story Competition 2016 Winners

   2016 - Open Competition

Main Prize Winners

First - £100

“A Job Well Done” by Dorothy Cox

Judges comment: Congratulations! This was a well written story with an interesting trail of events leading to an excellent and unexpected conclusion.

Second - £50

“Florian” by Lynne Voyce

Judges comment: Congratulations! This is a very atmospheric story that is well written. Usually dialogue is important in a short story, but the plot moved alaong well with only a minimum being used.

Third - £25

“The Stained Glass Window” by Gillian Brown

Judges comment: This was an enjoyable story to read. The description was excellent and you managed to create an authentic atmosphere.

Highly Commended Winners

Highly Commended 1 - £10

“East End Love on The Street” by Tony Oswick

Judges comment: A cleverly constructed story which uses as a basis two TV  operas but setting them in the past in the style of a Jane Austen novel.

Highly Commended 2 - £10

“Worth More Than Gold” by Sheila Garwood

Judges comment: Well done! You managed to create the atmosphere of the travellers on the gold trail and the ending was very satisfying.

Highly Commended 3 - £10

“The Cap of Many Colours” by Patsy Miranda

Judges comment: This is a very unusual story that leads on to a highly satisfying ending. Well done!

Highly Commended 4 - £10

“You have Reached Your Destination” by Jacqui Cooper

Judges comment: This is well written and the story moves along satisfactorily. It is an unusual idea but the atmosphere builds up well. A worthy result.

The following stories were Short Listed but didn’t quite make it to a prize.

Congratulations to the authors none-the-less.

“Taking a U-Turn” by Barbara Dynes

“Czech Mate” by Paul Chiswick

“Celestine” by Jeff Jones

”A Bitter Sweet Revenge” by Rhona Gorringe

“The Stuff of Life” by Charles W Warren

“The Robber’s Return” by  David Wass

   “The Mists” by Hannah Spencer

“Everybody Needs a Dave” by Annemarie Allan

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