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Writers' Markets

Here is WritersReign's listing of some current writers' market openings. The list is updated as I come across new opportunities.  Email any suggestions HERE…

Aesthetica Magazine - the cultural arts publication
The culture magazine for the emerging arts - is calling for submissions on a rolling basis. Aesthetica is undergoing somewhat of a change. They are still a firmly contemporary magazine concerned with the Arts in general, but specifically with writing, the visual arts, music, and film. "Like the oft-referenced caterpillar", they say, "we hope that our next issue will emerge as something rather more beautiful. As such, the focus of our magazine will change from poetry and prose to creative writing of any form. Get more information from their web site:
www.aestheticamagazine.com/ then click through to Information/ Submission.

AllFreelanceWriting This is a directory of paying freelance writers’ markets. You can browse the writers’ markets by category below or search them if you’re looking for something specific.

Brittle Star They say: For almost fifteen years, Brittle Star has been publishing scintillating poems and short stories from new and early-career writers, many of whom have seen their work in print for the first time. We have a growing reputation for being one of the first ports of call for new writers on the path to publishing their debut collections.

Coffee Break for writers e-zine
A free monthly e-zine for writers and by writers. They say "We are a paying market!" Here's a site that offers a thoughtful and interesting range of helpful items in the form of an online e-zine. Some of the topics covered in the current edition: Feature: "Find Time to Write (An Acrostic)", Book Review: "Purple Snowflake Marketing", Questions and Answers About Freelance Writing, Success Café, Writing and Publishing News, Writing Exercise, Observances and Holidays (Ideas Included), Legal Information, Advertising Information.

Culture Compass - culture most wanted
Online arts and culture magazine, openmagazine.co.uk, is on the lookout for new writers to submit short stories and poetry. A clever, stylish site for everyone with an 'open mind' in all areas of the modern arts arena. Editor-in-chief Loma-Ann Bonner says "If you've got a decent turn of phrase and would like to write a feature, review or short story, do get in touch".

Duotrope is a website listing over 2575 current Fiction and Poetry publications . You can search for exactly the kind of magazine that would accept your story or poem. It's free to join and you can track your submissions. The information Duotrope holds on each magazine is quite comprehensive with such statistics as how quickly your submission is acknowledged; what percentage of submissions are accepted and so on. Website: Duotrope

Fiction Writing Follow the links provided to view sections of their online writer's guidelines database to find markets in different fiction genres. Sections include: Fantasy, Historical, Juvenile, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction and others.

Hertfordshire Countryside is looking for articles. They should be 1,200 words long and relate, naturally, to the county of Hertfordshire. For more details email: martin_small@btconnect.com

Home Farmer is a magazine for people with a back garden or allotment, and they are interested in receiving work from freelancers. Their slogan is "You don't have to live in the country to enjoy the good life!" So if you're into 'home farming' and have some bright ideas about fruit, veg and chickens, send for a copy of their guidelines. Email: editor@homefarmer.co.uk. Their website is: homefarmer.co.uk/

Institute for the Study of American Popular Culture
This website is looking for good quality writing in a variety of writing formats. This is what they say:
"The Institute for the Study of American Popular Culture. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to education through the publication of exceptional American Studies scholarship, 1900 to present, and creative writing. We are especially interested in publishing material that examines such issues as social action, social justice, human rights, environmental awareness, the human condition, diversity, love, compassion, ethical and moral obligations. In other words, we are passionate about projects that empower and uplift humanity.
"We also believe that creative writers contribute to cultural creation and the recording of crucial ideas. Thus we heartily support their work. Creative writers are as important as our historians in terms of understanding and recording important cultural moments. American citizenship is not a requirement for submitting to our journals, press, or contests; the only requirement is that the work hold some appeal for an American readership and bear some relationship with American culture."
Further details at:

Irish broadcasting station RTE are looking for original radio essays, reportage, travel pieces and much more besides. Items should appeal to a world audience and should be around 700 words. www.rte.ie/radio1/sundaymiscellany

Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau They say: We endeavour to keep this information as up to date as possible so that either on these pages, or in the News section, you should find a suitable UK publisher for whatever type of writing you're intending to submit.

Take a Break They say: Sell us your story! Complete the form and you could earn up to £2,000!...
All you do is fill in the form and one of our trained writers will get back to you. We will speak to you over the phone and assess your story. If it is suitable, we will agree a fee to be paid on publication. This can vary but in some circumstances can easily reach four figures. Then we will interview you in full, again probably over the phone if you prefer, and arrange to collect suitable photographs. We may even send a professional photographer to take high-quality pictures of you (and you will be able to have copies). Payment will follow four to six weeks after publication.

The Oldie Magazine  As the title suggests this is a magazine for the more mature reader. It is great fun! They say: We are happy to consider unsolicited articles on any subject. Articles should be between 600 and 1,300 words in length. We prefer pieces submitted by email. Please send to jeremylewis@theoldie.co.uk. Please attach pieces as Word documents, making sure that the document itself contains all your contact details. By post, send to Jeremy Lewis, Features Editor, The Oldie, 65 Newman Street, London W1T 3EG
Well-written articles on any subject are always welcome, and we are particularly interested in pieces for our 'I Once Met', and 'rant' slots. If photographs or illustrations accompany your piece, please send copies and not originals. We will contact you if we need to use originals for reproduction purposes. The Oldie cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any unsolicited materials.
Please do not submit anything to us unless you have read at least two or three copies of The Oldie and have a good feel for the magazine. Guidelines page: http://www.theoldie.co.uk/

The People's Friend They say: We're always happy to consider contributions from new authors. If you're thinking about writing a story, poem, feature or pocket novel for "The People's Friend", the most important advice to follow is STUDY THE MARKET.
Our guidelines are very specific about our requirements because we know exactly what our readers do - and don't - like. (These can be downloaded in PDF format from their website. Click here Ed.)

Woman's Weekly They say: Fiction is a vital ingredient of Woman's Weekly, the place where readers can escape and switch off. This doesn't mean predictable plots or old-fashioned romances. Escapism means getting involved in a really gripping tale with believable characters. Above all, we are looking for originality and a wide variety of themes and moods, such as mystery, humour, relationships and family issues, with warmth still an important factor. Try to be subtle in your writing and remember the maxim: "Show don't tell". We recommend you read several issues of Woman's Weekly and Woman's Weekly Fiction Special to get a feel for our audience.
At th time of writing their requirements are:
For the weekly magazine: Short stories of 1,000 and 2,000 words. Serials in 3 or 4 parts of 3,300 words each.
For Fiction Special (At least 20 stories 12 times a year): Stories of 1,000 to 8,000 words.

Writers Market offers to Find places to sell your writing, whether you've got a book, manuscript, or article idea; Manage your submissions with our easy-to-use record keeping tools; Stay abreast of the latest publishing industry news; Gain advanced publishing and marketing knowledge from our Q&A's with publishing experts; Know how much to charge for freelance gigs with our popular pay rate chart; Use information specific to your writing needs--whether you're interested in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children's, script writing, or agents--with our niche-specific pages.

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